CBD Oil and Anxiety

Anxiety affects many of us in small ways. Before presenting a speech or going into a meeting, we might feel uncertain, unprepared or nervous. Some of those feelings may well express themselves in physical symptoms like shortness of breath, clammy hands or headaches.

However, to people who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety is so much more than simply feeling overwhelmed. It can be totally incapacitating.

Anxiety disorders affect more than 18 percent of the population each year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. In recent years, CBD has become a commonly favored remedy for anxiety. While some individuals take CBD oil to calm their everyday worries, others use it to treat more serious conditions like generalized anxiety disorder.

According to a survey published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research in 2018, almost 62 percent of CBD users reported that they used it to treat a medical condition, with the top three being pain, anxiety, and depression. Some research suggests that in addition to having an effect on the endocannabinoid system, CBD may impact receptors involved in the adjustment of serotonin (a chemical messenger thought to play a role in anxiety regulation).

A study published in Neuropsychopharmacology in 2011 found that CBD may help ease social anxiety. For this study, 24 people with social anxiety disorder received either CBD or a placebo an hour and a half before completing a simulated public speaking test. Additionally, 12 other people with social anxiety disorder performed the same test without receiving any CBD treatment. Results showed that pre-treatment with CBD substantially reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort while participants were presenting their speech.

If you’re experiencing symptoms like frequent restlessness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, muscle tension, fatigue, lack of control over feelings of worry, and sleep problems, talk to your doctor as soon as possible. By working with a mental health professional, you can find the anxiety treatment plan that’s right for you.

Because letting an anxiety disorder go untreated can lessen your quality of life and lead to physical health problems (such as digestive conditions), it’s important to consult a doctor. If you’re thinking of using CBD oil to help manage your anxiety, make sure to talk with your doctor about whether it's right for you.

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