"As someone who struggles with pain on a daily basis, and finds even the most mundane and basic activities like a taking a shower or going for a walk difficult, I've been hoping and searching to find something that provided some measure of relief. As anyone who relates to chronic pain knows, even just to relieve a fraction of discomfort is extremely welcome...but this CBD hemp provided more relief than I expected. I expected it to reduce edginess, help me relax a bit more when resting, etc., but it actually helps me DO more! Because I'm not in as much pain, I feel like I can better capture a moment, and I feel more aware of other sense--rather than pain just giving me sensory overload all the time. Am I cured? No, but when I need some relief--which is often---it is pretty amazing how effective it is, and how unlike other things I've tried, it has no perceptible negative side effects." - Parker, California


 "I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 28. I was prescribed medication after medication only to end up on a low dose chemotherapy after a week long hospital stay. I didn't know what was worse, the disease itself or the side effects of the medications. I couldn't tolerate anymore so I turned to CBD. I was told this was an incurable illness that could only be managed through prescription medications. After a few months of only using CBD, I was told I was in full clinical remission from UC, where I still am 4 years later." -Sheri, California


"This product has helped tremendously with my back pain, along with a lot of other great side effects as helping with anxiety and depression. We bought some for a very good friends son who suffers from intense pain and has tried everything. His words the other day were “It’s helped more then anything I’ve tried, ever!" I highly recommend Rose Botanicals!!!" -Brian, California


"They are a great company with some of the best CBD products in the business. If you do not know about CBD and the benefits of it, please read up on it!!! THEY WORK" -Cameron, California 

"I have a herniated disk that is bone on bone and the pain is so bad some days that I can't even walk. I was introduced to Rose Botanicals as an alternative to prescription pain killers for pain relief. After a few days of taking their CBD oil I noticed a huge difference in my back and it was hurting much less. Now the pain is minimal and highly manageable and I truly believe the CBD is a huge part of that. I recommend this product for anyone who is looking for long term pain relief." -Suzie, California 

"I just wanted to say thank you again. It's been a week and already I see a huge difference and my psoriasis has calmed down a ton"- Jennifer, Colorado 

"I start and end my day with a few drops and have noticed a huge difference in my back pain, anxiety and depression"- Sarah, Montana

"This stuff is crazy, but in a good way. I've started using it everyday and I've been telling everyone about it" - Tyler, Colorado 

"I feel leveled out" - Carla, Michigan 

"I love my oil so much, I just ordered my mom some" - Riley, Vermont

"My sons eczema is clearing up and he feels so much better" - Jane, Wisconsin

"I no longer fear going to sleep because of racing thoughts and lurking sleep paralysis. I look forward to a good nights sleep" - Nicole, Illinois