Understanding Lab Reports

 When you start researching CBD you will inevitably come across the term “third party lab report”. So, what are they, and how do you read them?

Third party lab reports are the results from a separate laboratory that has no affiliation with the company requesting the report. Some companies use in-house lab reports, which can easily be manipulated. Third-party reports provide unbiased verification of what’s in your product.

Full panel lab reports are the most comprehensive report and what you want to see from the company you are purchasing from.

The different compounds being tested for are:

  • CBD: you want to see the level of CBD in the lab report matches very closely to what is labeled on your product.
  • THC: you want to see “ND”, or none detected in an isolate based product.
  • Pesticides and Herbicides: you do not want to see any of these your product. The best oils will be completely free of these. You want to see a PASS on your report.
  • Microbes: you do not want to see any living organisms in your CBD oil. If microbes show up in third party lab tests, it is best to steer clear. You want to see a PASS on your report.
  • Chemical solvents: This one will show any detected levels of residual solvents such as butane, propane, pentane ad other potentially dangerous solvents. You want to see a PASS on your report.
  • Heavy metals: This tests for different levels of metal elements that should not be present in your oil. You want to see a PASS on your report.

The only way to truly know what’s in a bottle of CBD oil is to read the third-party lab report. When it comes to finding the best CBD oils, lab reports are crucial.

Rose Botanicals will always maintain its commitment to you in providing high quality, pure CBD products. Full panel lab reports are always done on each batch we produce, and the reports will be easily available on our website.

Even if you don’t purchase your oil from us, please make sure the company you do select has current third-party lab results readily available. Your health depends on it.

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