CBD Oil 250mg
CBD Oil 250mg

CBD Oil 250mg

Rose Botanicals, Inc.
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Rose Botanicals lab tested products are made from the worlds most remarkable hemp plants and contain the highest quality nutrients found in nature. 100% organically sourced, our hemp derived CBD oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which is vital to good health.

 No artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

 Our oil is tasteless , THC free and comes in 2 strengths.

  • Suggested Use for Best Results:                                                          Consistency is key. We recommend starting slow to achieve your individual dosage. 
    • Week 1: 1 drop, 3xs per day 
    • Week 2: 2 drops, 3xs per day 
    • Week 3: 3 drops, 3xs per day                                                              
  • Continue to increase dosage week by week until you find the right dose for your needs. After that, there is no need to increase

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